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Why would this get blammed?


Your pacing has improved a lot. Congrats on your highest rated submission yet!

That was fun man.

A little disappointed to hear some same-old music mixed in on this. Excellent job on cutting the music and good timing on the sound effects. Definitely have some fresh content going on here. Thanks for posting!

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Just have to say. Audio track(s) that fade in and out with proximity to the little kids? Hell yeah!

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You can get past the first several levels without even moving the mouse, but I'm a sucker for these games, so I still went with it.

I think some (most?) people might appreciate a larger default size for the Flash.

My largest complaint is the switch between levels. The hard black/white swap is killing my eyes. I stopped playing because of it and it's very doubtful I will play again for the same reason.

AudioZZ responds:

the small default size is to make it harder. I see why your eyes must have died. but you can resize the flash. The B/W thing? ...

Hey, neat.

Basic gameplay is good. I'm very happy to see a keyboard & mouse shooter.

First, I think the screen is stretched. Could you please review the game's dimensions and update them on Newgrounds?

Gameplay comments follow:

I see that upgrading your ship speed is part of the game, but the initial ship speed seems way too slow.

The WASD keys work (great!). I didn't realize this because the on-screen instructions indicate the arrow keys only.

This game could really use a radar. Actually, I think you could zoom in on the player if the game had a radar; that could, in turn, offset the need to speed up the player.

Thanks for the game. Keep it up!

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Where's the bass?

I'm not a fan of the piano "breakdown" at 1:30.

The melody is nice. A bit repetitive through the song.

I don't get why you don't make that kick drum... kick. It's a strong, steady beat and it just sort of puffs along.

Neosacrifice responds:

Thanks for the Review, Acdimalev. Maybe check out the Final Version of Break A Leg, On My Channel.


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